How Long Does It Take To Break In a Lola®Mattress

Upgrading your mattress is an exciting decision, but adjusting to a new sleep surface can sometimes be challenging. Rest assured, because at Lola®Sleep, we understand the importance of a peaceful slumber, especially during the initial break-in period.

It's not uncommon for mattresses to require a 30–90 day break-in period as your body acclimates to the new support and comfort. We recognise that this period may feel longer if you're struggling to achieve restful sleep. The duration of this adjustment phase can vary based on factors like mattress type and individual sleep habits.

That's why Lola Sleep proudly offers a generous 100-day trial on all our mattresses. We want you to experience the full benefits of our products without any rush. If, within 100 days of delivery, you find that your mattress isn't the perfect fit for you.

We encourage you to take advantage of the entire trial period, allowing ample time to ensure that your Lola®Sleep mattress meets your unique comfort needs. Your satisfaction and well-being are our utmost priorities, and we're here to support you on your journey to rejuvenating sleep.

Experience the difference with Lola®Sleep mattresses and unlock a world of comfort tailored just for you.


Lola® Cool Hybrid


40-90 Days

Lola® Revive

Memory Foam

70 Days

Lola® Light

Memory Foam

70 Days

Lola® Patinum

Poctect Spring

30-50 Days

Lola® Ortho

Poctect Spring

30-50 Days

Lola® Natural

Poctect Spring

30-50 Days

Pocket Spring: Typically, people take about 30 days to adjust to spring mattresses. Springs have a tendency to soften relatively quickly compared to other materials. During the initial 30-day period, the springs in your Lola Sleep mattress will adjust to your body shape and weight, offering targeted support and comfort.

Memory Foam: On average, it takes around 60 days to fully adjust to a memory foam mattress. The break-in period can depend on the density of the foam used. Higher-density memory foam mattresses may require more time to break in, while lower-density ones tend to adapt more quickly. The benefit of memory foam is its ability to conform to your body shape, providing all-night support and personalised comfort.

Hybrid: Hybrid mattresses combine various mattress types, making the break-in time more variable. The adjustment period for a hybrid mattress depends on the specific combination of materials used. Hybrid spring mattresses typically have a quicker break-in time compared to other models. If you have any doubts or questions about your specific Lola Sleep hybrid mattress, we recommend reaching out to our mattress experts for personalised guidance.

Rest assured that when you choose a Lola®Sleep mattress, you can start enjoying its comfort right away. While it may take some time to fully adjust to your new sleep setup, we have designed our mattresses to provide immediate comfort. You won't be sleeping on an uncomfortable mattress during the adjustment period; it's simply about allowing your body to adapt fully.



Allow it to expand:

New mattresses, especially those in a box or made of memory foam, need time to fully expand. Give your mattress a few hours to a day to reach its optimal size by setting it up without bedding and allowing it to settle in your bed frame. This is especially important for memory foam mattresses.


Patience in Adjustment:

It's normal to experience discomfort during the first week on a new mattress, especially if you're transitioning from a different type. Give yourself time to adjust before deciding if the mattress is right for you. Waiting it out can lead to improved sleep in the long run.


Increase Room Temperature:

If your memory foam mattress feels too firm, adjusting the room temperature can help make it softer. Memory foam responds to body heat, so turning up the thermostat can increase its comfort. However, ensure the room remains within the ideal temperature range is approximately 16-19°C.

When Your Lola®Sleep Mattress Feels Too Soft


Enhancing Firmness for Your Lola Sleep Mattress If you find your Lola Sleep mattress too soft and in need of more firmness, there are several steps you can take to achieve the desired feel:

  1. Opt for a Solid Bed Base: Consider replacing your current bed base with a more solid option, such as a bunkie board or a sturdy platform bed. This provides a firm foundation for your mattress, enhancing its overall firmness level.

  2. Add a Firm Mattress Topper: Invest in a firm mattress topper designed to add extra support and firmness to your existing mattress. This additional layer can help counteract the softness and provide the desired level of firmness for a more supportive sleep surface.

  3. Flip or Rotate Your Mattress: Check if your Lola Sleep mattress is flippable or can be rotated. By flipping or rotating your mattress regularly, you can distribute the wear more evenly and potentially increase its firmness.

By implementing these steps, you can customize the firmness of your Lola Sleep mattress to meet your specific comfort preferences, ensuring a supportive and restful sleep experience.

When Your Lola®Sleep Mattress Feels Too Firm

At Lola Sleep, we understand that some new mattresses may feel initially firm but can soften up over time for improved comfort. If you find your mattress too firm, you might experience sleep issues such as increased joint pain, tingling sensations in your extremities, or difficulty falling asleep due to tension. To achieve a softer feel, consider the following options:

  1. Extra Comfort Layer: Consider using a soft mattress pad or topper designed to add an extra layer of plushness to your mattress. This can help alleviate pressure points and create a softer sleeping surface.
  2. Adjust Temperature: Increase the temperature in your room slightly, within the range of (16-21°C). This can contribute to a softer feel as your body heat interacts with the mattress materials. However, it's essential to maintain a comfortable sleeping temperature for optimal rest.

By exploring these options, you can tailor the firmness level of your Lola Sleep mattress to better suit your preferences and ensure a more restful night's sleep

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