Lola Sleep + Ecologi



Lola Sleep recognises the fundamental need to take proactive measures towards preserving planet Earth, and with this in mind, for any mattress sold by Lola Sleep we will plant a tree to tackle climate change in partnership Ecologi. Ecologi provides the tools for all businesses, from start-ups to established companies, to proactively protect our planet.


Planting Trees

Tree Palnting

Planting trees is the cornerstone of Ecologi's success and is generally considered one of the most effective climate solutions; Ecologi is determined to prevent the earth's temperature from rising above 1.5°C by tree planting worldwide.


Carbon Avoidance

Carbon avoidance

Ecologi uses its contributions to fund a broad range of projects that centre around reducing or avoiding greenhouse gas emissions; for example, Ecologi has recently protected a globally significant rainforest in Cambodia and has restored degraded land in Senegal.


Climate Positive Attitude

Climate-positive attitude
You can fund impactful climate solutions and view updates from the projects you have contributed towards such as the tree you helped to fund with Lola Sleep and where it’s being grown! Your tree planting is shown as virtual forests to contextualise your contributions.
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