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Single Mattresses

Turn your bedroom into sleep paradise with a brand new single mattress from Lola Sleep. At 3 feet wide (90cm) and 6 feet 3 inches (190cm) long, a single mattress is 1 foot smaller than a small double.

A single mattress is a perfect choice for both children and adults and people living in small to medium sized houses with smaller bedrooms.

We sell a variety of single mattresses, all manufactured by an NBF (National Bed Federation) approved member. All of our single mattresses come with Free 2-Man Delivery - available in stock to order today.

What is the best single mattress?

We have included our favourite three single mattresses which are also our three best selling single mattresses.

What is the cheapest single mattress?

Our cheapest single mattress is the Lola® Wave mattress which is £299 including free 2-Man Delivery.

Which single mattress has memory foam?

The Lola® Platinum 1000 mattress has a memory foam layer to mould to your shape for added comfort. A single Lola Platinum 1000 mattress is £349 including free 2-Man Delivery.

Are any single mattresses available with a Divan base and headboard?

Our single Lola® Platinum 1000 mattress is also available as a Divan set option, available in a popular light grey fabric and comes with a free headboard which is £599 including free 2-Man Delivery. Click here for this option.