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5 of the Best Hybrid and Memory Foam Mattresses in 2021 and 2022

Compare & contrast these popular mattress in a box brands

Picking the right mattress can be overwhelming! Do you want something supportive and firm or super-soft and pillowy? Or hoping for something in between? Luckily, there are many mattress in a box brands for you to compare and contrast before making the investment. 

To make things easier for you, we compiled this list of the top five “mattress in a box” brands to choose from online. Better sleep coming your way!

What is a mattress in a box?

So, you have your mattress in a box -- but then what? Here are simple steps to guide you from box to bed:

  1. After you place the box in the room where your mattress will be, lay the box on its side and pull the mattress out. 
  2. With care, unbox and remove any covering. Some brands provide cutters for this. NOTE: Be careful when unwrapping. You don’t want to cut the mattress!
  3. Unroll your mattress. 
  4. Once the mattress is out of the box, position the mattress onto any solid or slatted base, and let the mattress expand over two to four hours. 

We also recommend giving a day or so for the mattress to take shape. Enjoy!

What is the difference between a memory foam vs a hybrid mattress?

Generally, modern mattresses that come in a box come in two types: Memory Foam (often referred to as “original”) and Hybrid. 

Memory Foam Mattresses are made of layers of foam that provide contouring comfort.  Whereas, Hybrid Mattresses are made of foam that provide the contouring comfort in addition to having springs that add extra support, which can be especially useful when two people are sleeping in a bed.


Hybrid or Memory Foam?     Firmness 2-man delivery? Old mattress collection option? Trial Review
Cool Hybrid
Hybrid Medium Yes Yes 100 nights 4.8/5
Simba Hybrid Hybrid Medium/Firm No No 200 nights 4.6/5
Emma Hybrid


Medium/Firm No No 200 nights 4.4/5
Emma Original Memory Foam Soft No No 200 nights 4.3/5
Eve Original Memory Foam Medium/Firm Yes Yes 100 nights 4.3/5


Lola Cool Hybrid Mattress (Double)

Simba Hybrid Mattress (Double)

Emma Hybrid Mattress (Double)

Emma Original Mattress (Double)

Eve Original Mattress (Double)